The Best Dumplings in Toronto

The Best Dumplings in Toronto

By: Karen Le


Did you know dumplings are considered a lucky food during the new year? Learn more about the other lucky foods and where to get them in “7 Lucky New Year’s Food“. Get ready for the perfect dumpling adventure with this list of the top 5 places to get dumplings in the Greater Toronto Area.

1. Mother’s Dumplings

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Located at 421 Spadina Ave, Mother’s Dumplings is at the top of every must-try dumpling list. Feel right at home with dumpling recipes passed down from owner and chef Zhen’s mother. Mother’s Dumplings serves over 20 varieties of dumplings as well as a full menu featuring other traditional dishes like Green Onion Pancakes and Da-Lu Noodles. And of course, everyone knows that mothers know best!

Location: 421 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G6

2. Loga’s Corner

Although it’s not really on a corner, Loga’s Corner is a family-run restaurant that is a real hidden gem! Inspired by their Tibetan heritage, their menu is made up of authentic Tibetan dishes. Located at 216 Close Ave, get a taste of Tibetan deep-fried potato dumplings of dough mixed with potatoes and cumin. It’s nothing like anything you’ve had before!

Location: 216 Close Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 1M3

3. Dumpling House Restaurant

If you’re in Chinatown, Dumpling House Restaurant on Spadina is the place to go. You can get a plate of 12 pork and chive dumplings for only $5.99! It’s the perfect on-the-go snack during your adventures downtown! If you’re craving more Chinese dumplings check out our list of Top 5 Places to Get Dim Sum.

Location: 328 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2E7

4. Kinton Ramen

Although they’re better for their amazing ramen, Kinton serves Japanese dumplings as appetizers. Called gyoza, Japanese dumplings are very similar to Chinese dumplings but the dumpling wrapper is thinner and the ingredients are usually more finely chopped. Make sure to get an order alongside a piping hot bowl of ramen! Visit their original Canadian location at 51 Baldwin St. Toronto, ON. M5T 1L1

Location: 10 locations in Toronto. View them here.

5. Cho Sun Ok

On the topic of other types of Asian dumplings, try Cho Sun Ok’s mandu. For only $9.95, you can get Goonmandu, Korean fried dumplings! Like gyoza, mandu is another spin-off of Chinese dumplings. The biggest difference is that mandu can also be filled with tofu and is served with a kimchi and vinegar dipping sauce.

Location: 7353 Yonge St, Markham, ON L3T 2B3

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