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In this documentary, Qian demonstrated a sample experiment to show that the “fast food” diet and “healthy food” diet could lead our body to a different physical situation.
After 12 days of fast food, not only weight but also Qian’s other indicators of health tended to move in an unhealthy direction, such as Glucose Plasma Fasting and Triglycerides level.

In the documentary, Dr. Liu and Dr. Hu provided their knowledge and explained why the fast food has many hidden problems and issues to our body.

Jonathan Liu graduated from Hebei Medical University with a Bachelor's degree and Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Master's degree. He is a professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Canadian public colleges and he founded Liu's Wisdom Healing Centre. He has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine and health education for 25 years in both China and Canada, and has served the Canadian community for 15 years.

Nai-Wen Hu has been practicing Chinese medicine for decades, looking for effective prescriptions by tracing back to the origins of things. Dr. Hu’s viewpoint is that the method of treatment in Chinese medicine has been that "medicine and food come from the same source", and food is the best medicine for nourishing the body. . "Shen Nong tasted all the herbs" is the earliest origin of "medicine and food come from the same source." Drugs seem to have a strong effect, but are not consumed frequently; food, although ordinary, we cannot part from. Therefore, food is regarded as the best medicine by medical and nutrition experts. The right diet can cure diseases and achieve longevity.

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