Pork Stomach & Chicken in White Pepper Corn Soup Base

Pork Stomach & Chicken in White Pepper Corn Soup Base


Pork Stomach & Chicken Soup belongs to the Hakka cuisine of Guangdong Province and is a famous traditional Chinese nourishing delicacy. Its history can be traced back several hundred years and has always been regarded as a delicious dish beneficial for health. What makes this dish unique is its intricate preparation process and the distinctive combination of various ingredients, resulting in a unique flavor and texture.


According to legend, during the Qing Dynasty, after giving birth to the crown prince, Concubine Yi, who suffered from a stomach ailment, became weak and lost her appetite. Emperor Qian Long ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare nourishing dishes for Concubine Yi. However, she remained disinterested in any food, and her health deteriorated day by day.

The physicians tried various precious tonics to no avail,  and Emperor Qian Long convened a meeting with the physicians and the imperial kitchen to find a solution for Yi’s illness. They were determined to find a way to cure her. The imperial kitchen decided to adopt a traditional postpartum practice of consuming chicken soup, believing that “food as medicine” might be the answer. They improved the method by placing a chicken inside a pig stomach and adding precious medicinal herbs to create a stew.

Remarkably, Yi’s appetite improved significantly after consuming this dish. Over time, her health was restored, and her complexion became rosy and radiant, making her even more beautiful.

This dish not only helped cure illness and strengthen the body but also had significant health benefits, and it became widely popular among people from that day on.


Pork Stomach & Chicken Soup, a delectable dish comprised of chicken, pig stomach, and medicinal herbs, offers a range of health benefits. First and foremost, it starts with fresh chicken, typically an older, more flavorful hen, to ensure tender meat. The pig stomach is thoroughly cleaned and used to hold the seasonings and chicken.

The distinctive feature of this dish is the selection of medicinal herbs, which often include ingredients like wolfberries (goji berries), angelica sinensis (dong quai), and red dates. These herbs are believed to boost the immune system and provide nourishment to the body.

The pork Stomach, as the stomach of a pig, contains protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It is known for its ability to replenish deficiencies and strengthen the spleen and stomach, making it suitable for individuals with weak constitutions, poor appetite, or those who are physically frail.

In terms of calories, pork Stomach contains approximately 110 calories, which is about a quarter of the calories found in pork (a mix of lean and fat) and even less than lean pork. Therefore, compared to pork meat, pork stomach is relatively low in calories.

In conclusion, Pork Stomach and Chicken Soup is a culinary masterpiece that combines traditional Chinese cooking techniques with the wisdom of herbal medicine. It not only pleases the palate but also contributes to one’s overall well-being.


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