Must-Try Asian Desserts in Toronto

Must-Try Asian Desserts in Toronto

Desserts are amazing any time of the year. Special holidays or occasions make them an extra special treat though. The average cake, cookies, pie or chocolates can get somewhat boring. If you’re adventurous and want to try something new, you’ve come to the right place. Dumpling Connection has created a list of must-try Asian desserts in Toronto and where to get them.

Differences in Desserts

Western-style desserts are generally more bread-based and use cream. There are sweet rolls, doughnuts, croissants. If not bread, then cakes are the next most common dessert. Flavours such as vanilla and chocolate are also extremely popular.

In Asia, the weather is much hotter than it is here in North America, especially compared to Toronto. This means more tropical fruits grow in Asia. So it’s no surprise that many Asian countries took advantage of nature’s candy.

Many of the traditional dessert flavours in Asia are centred around the natural flavour of fruits. You’ve probably seen mango puddings and coconut pastries before. But there are also flavours you’re unfamiliar with, such as pandan or lychee. There are also non-fruit flavours such as matcha, black sesame, red bean and ginger.

Today, many patissiers have mixed both western and eastern desserts together. Creations like matcha crepe cakes, mochi doughnuts and ice cream taiyaki are all trending now. Regardless, wherever desserts come from, they’re delightful and bring a smile to your face.

Must-Try Asian Desserts in Toronto

You don’t have to travel all the way to Asia to try these desserts. You can find many of them right here in Toronto! Here are the top 5 places to try Asian desserts in Toronto.

1. Sugar Marmalade

Pearl Delight Series from Sugar Marmalade

If you’re craving a whole range of desserts from shaved ice to waffles and soupy desserts, Sugar Marmalade is the place to go. They have locations all across Canada and are one of the best places to get Chinese desserts in Toronto. They offer fusion desserts and more traditional Hong Kong sweets.

2. Hodo Kwaja

Walnut Cakes from Hodo Kwaja

Located in the heart of Koreatown at 656 Bloor Street W, Hodo Kwaja is a Korean bakery cafe.
The signature item on their menu is a traditional walnut cake. They were the first successful bakery in Canada to serve them. Walnut cakes resemble an actual walnut and either has walnut or almond pieces on the outer shell of the cake Hodo Kwaja makes other baked goods and sherberts.

3. Millie ミリー

Rainbow Crepe Cake with Gold Leaf from Millie ミリー

Specializing in crepes, Millie (ミリー) is a Japanese-French fusion patisserie. They have locations in Kensington Market, the Entertainment District and Unionville. You will find interesting flavours like yuzu, Thai milk tea and salted egg yolk! Always innovating and looking for new flavours to try, Millie ミリー should definitely be on your watch list for desserts in Toronto.

4. Soufflé Pancakes

In Japan, pancakes are actually considered a dessert! We’re lucky enough to have two soufflé pancake cafes here in Toronto! Both Hanabusa Cafe and Fuwa Fuwa are located in Downtown, Toronto. Soufflé pancakes are extremely fluffy, jiggy and Instagram worthy. Topped with fresh fruits, sweet sauce and powdered sugar. Each cafe offers a variety of topping options. You’ll have to try both to find out which one is better!

5. Patchmon’s Thai Dessert

Look choup from Patchmon’s Thai Desserts Facebook page

It’s exactly as its name implies. Serving traditional Thai sweets, Patchmon’s is the only place that sells Thai desserts in Toronto. You’ll find traditional look-choup trays, pineapple cookies and savoury curry buns. After, you can wash everything down with some refreshing Thai iced tea.

We hope this list of desserts in Toronto has inspired you and awakened your inner sweet tooth. If you know any hidden gems here in Toronto, feel free to share them with us on social media! In the meantime, check out the most Popular Chinese Candies.


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