How to Find Luck With Love

How to Find Luck With Love

Finding love can mean different things for different people. Some rely on pure luck while others think love is based on compatibility. In China, many superstitions can help you find luck with love!

Romance isn’t limited to just Valentine’s Day. In fact, in Asia, Valentine’s Day comes around 6 times a year. Read more about the different romantic holidays in Asia.

One of the biggest holidays that celebrates romance in China is the Double Seventh Festival, also known as the Qixi Festival. It’s become so well known for celebrating love that many people refer to it as ‘Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, celebrating this festival can bring good luck to your love life.

What is the Double Seventh Festival?

Its called the “Double Seventh” festival because it falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. On the Georgian calendar, this date usually falls somewhere in August.

The festival originates from the legend of the cowherd and the weaver girl, Niulang and Zhinü.

A cow herder named Niulang saved an ox who happened to be the demoted cattle god. In return for saving him, the cattle god helped him win the love of Zhinü, who was the seventh fairy daughter of a goddess and the Jade Emperor.

The two married without Zhinü’s mother, the goddess. When they were discovered by the goddess, she took Zhinü back to the heavens and created a huge river of stars to separate them. This river is now known as the Milky Way.

Niulang was heartbroken and some magpies noticed. Moved by his love for Zhinü, the magpies flew up into heaven to form a bridge over the river, so the family could reunite on the magpie bridge.

The goddess was also moved by their love, so she allowed them to meet on the magpie bridge on that day every year which is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

How To Celebrate Love During the Double Seventh Festival

The love story that inspired the Double Seventh Festival has been celebrated by couples all over China for over 2,000 years. It is said that celebrating the Double Seventh Festival can bring good luck to couples. Good thing it’s easy to participate!

Just like Valentine’s Day in the western calendar, couples celebrate by giving small gifts to their partners and go on a romantic date.

Sending text messages, exchanging gifts and then going for a romantic dinner then movie seems to be the most popular way for couples to express their love. Lots of businesses in China will hold promotional events such as kissing contests. The pair who kiss the longest or have the best pose win.

Another way to commemorate the holiday is to gaze into the night sky to look for the stars Vega and Altair shining in the Milky Way. A third star sits between the two to form the symbolic bridge made by the magpies.

Single people can also participate in the celebrations with more traditional methods to find more luck with love. Showing off your skills of dexterity in needlework, worshipping the weaver fairy, honouring oxen and eating “skilled fruit” which are thin pastries in different shapes can improve your love life.

Superstitions That Can Increase Your Luck with Love

There are also everyday superstitions that can help you find more luck with love if you’re single. If you’re already in a relationship, these superstitions can lead to a successful one. Here are the top 5 superstitions to help you find luck with love.

1. Luck With Love Comes in Pairs

Flowers or small gifts are a great way to make a great first impression when going on a date, just make sure they come in pairs! The more pairs you have the better. If you’re going for flowers, a dozen seems like a good number!

2. Bad Luck in Age Difference

There’s a common saying in western culture that age is just a number when it comes to dating. But in Chinese culture, there’s a superstition about the age difference. It’s bad luck to date or marry someone with an age difference of either 3 or 6 years from you, older or younger. So if you’re 25, you shouldn’t date someone who is 22 or 31.

3. Don’t Cut Your Noodles

A great spot to take someone on a date is a noodle shop! Everyone loves noodles and there’s a large variety when it comes to Chinese noodles, whether you enjoy noodle soup or pan-fried. Eating long noodles can signify a long-lasting relationship or longevity in general. Of course, cutting the noodles can bring bad luck since you’re literally cutting things short. So slurp away!

4. Avoid Having the Same Surname

A worry that people had in Chinese culture when it came to dating was having the same last name. In many Asian cultures, many people share the same last name as some are very common. It is said that marrying someone with the same surname would mean that your future children will be born unhealthy and bring about an unlucky life.

5. Staying Clean and Fresh for Better Luck with Love

When looking for your perfect partner, putting forward your best self is extremely important in any culture. It’s almost common sense that staying clean and fresh can bring you luck with love! For men, that means shaving any facial hair and for women, keeping their hair neat and tidy.

You’re bound to find luck with love by following these 5 superstitions. You never know when your perfect match will come around but it doesn’t hurt to increase your chances. Maybe you’ll even find love during the Double Seventh Festival! Just remember to keep your head up and celebrate love whenever you can.


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