Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for 2020

Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for 2020

By: Karen Le


The year is still fresh and there is still much opportunity for us! One of the most popular types of horoscopes is the Chinese zodiac horoscopes.

Based on the story of the Great Race, each year is assigned an element and an animal. 2020 is the year of the metal rat. These horoscopes cover numerous aspects such as health, career, and relationships.

February is the month of love and some of us might get lucky this year. Let’s leave it up to fate and see what the Chinese zodiac horoscopes have in store for you!

Horoscope for the Rat

As a rat, you may have experienced misfortune and heartbreak in the past. Not to worry though! 2020 is going to be your year. 

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscopes, 2020 is going to be more peaceful. Your love life will be more a harmonious one and having good communication is very key in maintaining it.

You have the best chances with those who are oxen, rabbits or dragons. If you’re looking for just a friend, snakes will be your best friends. Tigers and other rats will make great companions as well. 


Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Ox

2020 is going to be a little more turbulent this year for the ox, but love is still in the books. 

Your love life might look like rolling hills with ups and downs. No matter what you are feeling though, you are sure to want some change. Remember, it’s important to keep persevering through tough times.

The signs the ox are most compatible with include the rat, monkey, and rooster. Try your luck with rabbits or snakes, but definitely steer clear of tigers, dragons, horses, and goats!


Horoscope for the Tiger

Love is definitely in the air for tigers this year. The Chinese zodiac horoscope predicts that 2020 will be full of passion and excitement. 

If you are single, be yourself and search for someone who shares many of your personality traits. If you are already in a relationship, then get ready to reach new heights of love with your partner.

Dragons, horses, and pigs will bring the most joy to tigers this year. Take your chance with them this year!


Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Rabbit

Love is not all about romance. The year 2020 will be a great year for rabbits to make new friends and have great relationships.

The key thing to remember is to be patient. Do not be too critical about your partner and try to loosen your expectations. 

The rabbit might be the luckiest zodiac animal this year with the most matches. Out of the 12 Chinese zodiac horoscope animals, they are compatible with the rat, goat, monkey, dog, and pig.


Horoscope for the Dragon

If you’re a dragon, your love life might feel relaxed this year. It is up to you to make it exciting and fun. 

Be spontaneous with your friends or partner. Try new things, go to new places, and you are sure to meet some interesting people.

During your adventures, you should keep the rats, tigers, or snakes you meet along the way. If you happen to come across an ox, goat or dog, politely turn them down and continue on your way.


Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Snake

There is a lot of change in store for snakes in 2020 according to the Chinese zodiac horoscopes. These changes may be for the better or for worse.

When you overcome these changes with your partner or those who are close to you, your relationship will be stronger than ever. 

If you’ve turned away those who are a dragon or rooster in the past, it might be time to welcome them since change is a big theme this year. It is still smart to be wary of tigers, rabbits, goats, and pigs though.


Horoscope for the Horse

The love forecast for this year will be uneventful. Horses will not experience much satisfaction from being single or in a relationship.

Your family will always be there for comfort and companionship and your closest friends will do their best to make life exciting. Who knows? You might find love within your cohort. 

Also, don’t forget, honesty is greatly appreciated! If there is something you want from your partner, just ask.

As a horse, you are most compatible romantically with tigers and goats. A snake will likely be your best friend, but you may butt heads with the rat, ox, and rooster.


Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Goat

The Chinese zodiac horoscope says romance isn’t a strong suit for goats this year. Finding a romantic relationship will be rare and short-lived. Instead of chasing after love, invest your time back into your friendships. In the end, you might get lucky!

Your best bet as a goat is the horse as you are likely to have compatible personalities. Your second-best options are with rabbits and pigs. As a goat, you may clash with those who are an ox, rat, or dog.


Horoscope for the Monkey

The year of the metal rat offers a good outlook for relationships for those who are monkeys. It will be a year full of self-confidence, and potential suitors will definitely take notice.

Those suitors may include an ox or rabbit. Your opposite matches seem to be the tiger and pig, but who knows, maybe they will also fall in love with you!


Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Rooster

The early bird gets the worm in 2020. According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, those who are roosters will start the year off strong. With plenty of fish in the sea this year, you are bound to catch one. 

Be wary if you are already in a relationship though! Lots of opportunities can be tempting, so make sure you try to take care of all of your partner’s needs, as well as your own.

Rather than a sea full of fish, the rooster’s sea is full of oxen and snakes. Avoid rats, rabbits, horses, and pigs this year though.


Horoscope for the Dog

As man’s best friend, who wouldn’t love a dog? That being said, romance will come easy this year.

Bonds between friends are always a good place to start when searching for the right person. The potential is right in front of you!

Relationships are still hard work, even if romance comes easy. Don’t forget to focus on the good things about your partner in rough patches of your relationship.

If a man’s best friend is a dog, who is the dog’s best friend? In 2020, those who are dogs have the highest compatibility with rats, rabbits, and oxen. 


Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Pig

The last animal in the Chinese zodiac is the pig. The slow and steady win the race. Pigs will experience the absolute best luck of all zodiacs in terms of love during the year of the metal rat.

Whether you are looking for it or reigniting it, it will be a year full of passion. Take advantage of this positivity and make love a top priority.

As a pig, you will share the most passion with goats, tigers, and rabbits.


2020 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Overview

Seems like romance is around the corner for the majority of the Chinese zodiac animals this year. You can learn more about the Chinese zodiac horoscopes at the Chinese New Year website.

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Wishing you the best of luck in your romantic endeavours and a happy Valentine’s Day!


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