5 Summer Tips for Healthy Eating

5 Summer Tips for Healthy Eating

When the warm weather hits, many will be getting ready for their “summer bodies”. The best way to do that is to follow Dumpling Connection’s summer tips for healthy eating!

If you missed starting your New Year’s resolution, summer is another great time to try again. The first step in becoming healthier starts with a good diet.

Everyone knows that eating more veggies and cutting down on sweets are important tips when it comes to tips for healthy eating.

They’re pretty common sense at this point. But there are other tips that might not seem so obvious.

Here are 5 of the best summer tips for healthy eating.

Tip #1: Eat This, Not That

The most important thing about dieting isn’t cutting out unhealthy foods or completely restricting yourself from sweets. Instead, focusing on healthier alternatives to replace these foods.

Replacing foods can also help satisfy cravings you may have. The best example is grabbing fresh fruit when you have a sugar craving. Eating natural sugars is definitely a better option than processed and artificial sweets. Here are more food swaps you can make!

The simple step of making a conscious decision can take a potential pitfall meal and turn it into a healthy one. This is probably the most important tip for healthy eating.

Tip #2 for Healthy Eating: Eat Guilt-Free

If giving up your favourite snack is what is stopping you from a healthier lifestyle, have no fear! Diets should not be hard rules that forbid you from eating particular foods, but rather building healthier habits.

The last thing you want to do this summer is to feel bad about eating an ice cream sundae or going for that second hot dog. Don’t sweat it if you went off your regular eating plan from time to time. It’s all about moderation and understanding the differences in what your body is telling you.

Summer is short and should be enjoyed. Don’t worry too much about your diet.

Tip #3: Grilling Saves Calories

Summer is the perfect time for barbecuing, but did you know grilling your food can help you cut down on calories?

Marinating your food lightly before throwing it on the grill compared to the heavy sauces used in stir-fries. You can still pack a punch of flavour without all the extra calories, fats and sugars.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather by grilling and eating outside when you can!

Tip #4 for Healthy Eating: Cooling Foods

In traditional Chinese medicine, the most important tip for healthy eating is paying attention to how food affects your body. Each food can be categories as a “cooling” or “warming” food.

These foods may not necessarily be cold in temperature but help you cool down from the inside out. Read more about the different properties of food in the article here.

They also help get rid of excess “heat” inside your body and serve as a detox.

Melons are highly recommended as a summertime snack as they’re delicious, cooling and in-season!

One of the most popular soups in Cantonese cuisine is the Winter Melon Soup. Including more recipes like this one can help you stay cool and lose weight!

Tip #5: Set a Routine

Food clock on the Black wood Laminate, Concept time to eat.

The last tip for healthy eating is to set a schedule or follow a routine. Eating at the same time every day can help stabilize or improve your metabolism.

Eating at inconsistent times can cause your stomach to overwork which can cause indigestion and bloating. By following an eating schedule, you allow your body to follow a rhythm and properly digest your food.

Here’s a guide on what the best times to eat are.

To take this tip one step further, plan out your meals and meal prep! This can help you stick to your diet and avoid spontaneous snacking. Why not include some of Dumpling Connection’s healthy recipes in your diet?


It’s important to remember that each person has their own body type and what works for someone else might not work for you. Consulting a doctor and doing your research before starting a diet is important.

It’s never too late to become healthier! Feel better this summer while also enjoying the process. I hope you found these tips for healthy eating helpful!


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