5 Must-Try Types of Honey

5 Must-Try Types of Honey

By: Kevin Ye


Winnie the Pooh eating some honey

Do you love honey as much as Winnie the Pooh? I’ll bet that you do. Honey is the perfect sweetener for a variety of foods and beverages. The honey-making process is quite a long process, but this sweet delicacy is a must-have in your kitchen. Here are 5 of the most popular types of honey to get next time you go shopping.

1. Clover Honey

Clover honey is the most popular and easily accessible honey in North America. It is produced in both Canada and New Zealand. The nectar collected from white blossoms produces a lighter colour, ranging from white to light amber tones. The taste is mild with a hint of sweetness. There may be a bit of a sour after taste but this type of honey is perfect for people with sensitive taste buds. People often use this honey for baking and cooking purposes.

manuka honey

2. Manuka Honey

This honey is extremely popular due to its healing properties and can be commonly used in medicines. It comes from New Zealand’s manuka tree and is only sourced from this area. It has antibacterial properties, making it a strong combatant against infections. It has more of a medicinal taste compared to the other honey, but no one can question that its health benefits outweigh all the others. Due to its health benefits and location, this type of honey tends to be more expensive.

3. Sourwood Honey

Sourwood honey is native to North America, coming from Sourwood trees located in the Appalachian Mountains which run from Northern Georgia up to Southern Pennsylvania. The name can be misleading as the honey is not sour at all. It has a rich scent of spices and sweetness that will leave you with a wonderful after taste and has a sort of buttery taste that is paired well with slices of bread. Since the flowers are white, you can expect the nectar to come in a very light colour.

4. Buckwheat Honey

This is very dark honey looks and tastes like molasses. Buckwheat flowers are small so the bees have to work extra hard to create this honey. Some people do not like it’s strong flavour and heavy aftertaste but this thick honey is rich in iron and vitamins. It has more antioxidants than the other lighter kinds of honey. It is good for soothing sore throats and coughs and is a great all-natural sweetener that goes well with pancakes or oatmeal.

5. Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is becoming more popular in America. It comes from the Black Locust tree located in Europe and North America. It has a very light colour and a sweet taste that is not too strong. It is great for tea since it sweetens but is not overwhelming. Honey and tea make for a very good combination in helping the body relax. This honey is popular because it remains liquid longer than some other kinds of honey due to its high concentration of fructose.  It also has a low sucrose level, making it a good choice for diabetics. This honey also has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for your digestive system.

There are many more kinds of honey out there for you to explore. Above are just 5 of the most popular types of honey. Try out all the different kinds of honey for yourself and see which one is your favourite. After all, everyone’s taste buds are different but one thing for sure is, honey tastes great and has amazing health benefits.


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